Board of Trustees

Cornelius M. Pietzner-Switzerland/USA (BA., Williams College, MA., and Thomas J. Watson Fellow), has been engaged in cultural, social finance, financial management and philanthropy issues in the US and Europe over the last 25 years. He serves on the board of several foundations in different countries.

Pietzner was Founding President of Camphill Soltane (USA), a life-sharing community working with individuals with special needs. He was President of the Camphill Association of North America from 1993-1999, and served on the Council of the Anthroposophical Society in America from 1996-2002.

From 2002-2011 Pietzner served as Treasurer on the Executive Board of the General Anthroposophical Society/Goetheanum, Switzerland, which is active in over 85 countries  with approximately 8000 related organizations in areas of medicine, bio-dynamic agriculture, education, ethical banking and social business. He is Managing Director of Alterra Impact Finance GmbH, a social impact investment management firm, based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Marcello Palazzi-Netherlands- is a public innovator, philanthropreneur & venture catalyst by profession; economist, foreign policy scholar and business administrator by education (LSE, LBS, MIT, Erasmus, Buckingham University). Palazzi has focused on building a “progressive” economy through the engineering of shared interests, innovations and ideas among business, government, citizens and other societal actors for the last 22 years. He has initiated 200 highly diverse “start-ups” (projects, ventures, events and initiatives) completed in 33 countries.

He founded Progressio Foundation with Dr. Paul Kloppenborg in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) at age 30, which has been his main vehicle since 1989. He has worked in start-ups, public-private partnerships, foundations, NGOs, governments, international organizations literally all around the world and presently serves as Global Ambassador for B Corps.

Eric Kaufmann is the former Director of Sylvia Koti, a Camphill Special School in Lahti Finland, and worked as an independent project manager at the Goetheanum for a number of years. He has been involved in business theater, and organizational development and consulting thru his own company, based in Finland.  He studied political economy in the United States.

His interests in social and economic questions and new pathways for creativity in the business environment have been an abiding concern and area of research.