The Alterra Foundation regularly supports, participates and presents in a variety of conferences and symposia focussed on aspects of the positive economy.

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October 25-27– Contemplative Science Symposium- “Beyond Confines”, Mind and Life Europe, Munich
October 27-29– MLE Retreat, Munich
September 26-28– World Goetheanum Association- Dornach

September 17-19– Wellbeing Project event- London
May 17-19-Karl König Institute- Berlin
April 27- Triskeles Foundation events-USA

December 4-
Workshop- ‚Towards  a Human Centered Economy,‘ Järna, Sweden
November 27-
The Potential Project, – Univ of Vienna- Panel- ‚The Mind of the Leader
Nov 16-
Karl König Institute-Berlin
October 13– Triskeles Foundation USA- events
October 4/5- CEE Impact Day- Workshop, Vienna
September 28-30– Goetheanum World Association- Congress, Dornach
August 2– Community Managers Workshop- Wikimedia CH, Zurich
May 15– ‚Resilience in Organizations‘ keynote- Lake of Constanz, DE
May 7/8- ‚Innovation Workshop‘- Salzburg, AT
April 26– ‚Karma Kitchen, Nipun Mehta, Vienna
March 15– Triskeles Foundation USA events
Feb 21– Zero Project Conference, United Nations
January 18– Ashoka Event- Wendy Koppel, AT

The Alterra Foundation is engaged in a number of mission-related projects and initiatives, including:

This innvative project ( focusses on the necessity of developing a healthy inner life to work effectively and on a sustainable basis in the area of social entrepeneurship.

The foundation has provided financial support for the English translation of two books by Christian Felber, most recently ‘ Money- the new rules of the Game’,  published by the Springer Publishing House. Felber received the Abstract Book Award for this work. Further support has been provided to the Project Bank for the Common Good. See:

Change Everything order page-Amazon

Change Everything order page-Amazon